25min Podcast to help you with basic seduction theory

Have you ever wanted to ask the fastest seducer in the world some questions of your own?
Here’s a 25 min extended interview (Pt1) with the Love Bytes crew:
Download the 25min segment HERE (Direct Link)

I’ll fill you in below on why: I’ve been MIA, the future and more free stuff as well as a little bit about what you’re learning here and from whom.

Let me first say how sorry I am for neglecting my loyal bloggers and fans. We have been flat out with overseas workshops and testing out what looks like the soon to be 5th Pillar of Seduction. So…there’s the reason. Didn’t want to say anything until I was sure that it is deserving of such a position amongst the other 4 core principles.
Also I’ve been coming to you. From Africa,, the Middle East, North America and Asia – our goal to spread Seduce In Second’s ideology is spreading like wildfire. From students to judges have used my DATING TECHNIQUES for  other applications that I never even conceived of. It has now inspired me to actually publish my original book (Weapons of Mass Seduction) and two more are in the making – one for women and one for general life skills with people called “The Social Chameleon”.

Unfortunately for now this blog is – and will always be- about seduction and picking up the people you want, maintaining a good relationship and having a f*cking awesome time.

A 5th Seduction Principle?

I talk about it extensively in this interview but do not list it as my 5th pillar, see if you can guess what it is. Remember! A ‘Pillar” is an over-arching concept from which practical techniques are then derived. Techniques are specific and practical, Pillars are broad and encompassing.

For those tuning back in the 4 Pillars of seduction are the principles that found the fastest communication and seduction techniques in the world for the past 3 years. But…you may be thinking “Hey? Haven’t you been around since 2003?” and yes, you would be right…sorta.

Technically I was around since 2004 but started studying other peoples’ method’s (before anyone ever heard of ‘The Game’). The problem was, after 17 workshops and many forum-buddy outings I still hadn’t ever approached…approaching for my first time took me well over a year.

Once I started, I saw small results and then did a course called Demonic Confidence (which I don’t really recommend). Basically I was asked to do it for free and review it – the only issue was I had to do 60 approaches a day (with a wingman) for 21 days. That’s 1260 women I had to approach doing a different excercise each day e.g. ‘Pay a moving / walking woman a sincere compliment and stop her in her tracks’.


Not bad practice, but not fast pickup. Too much work, too much pain, so I made the commitment to do 10,000 approaches with a 100 each dedicated to any technique I can get my hand on. I’ll try anything. After poo-pooing direct approaches and ‘direct game’ (that’s a style of starting conversations by telling people you’re into them – outright) for 3 years I realised life’s too short not to try it all.


So, out of all the many thousand techniques and approaches the major things that stuck out as being consistently present in successful techniques were:

  • 1) Counter Intuitiveness (for differentiation and rarity)
  • 2) Push / Pull (For attraction)
  • 3) Playfulness (For all of the above + conversational success)
  • 4) Indifference (Wanting but not needing – having principles and managing your intake of validation)

Well…the fifth one is coming. We’ve been testing it across demographics, across geographics and psycho-graphics because we believe it is an ethical sin to send people who are concerned about improving themselves into situations that can be un-enjoyable.

Here’s an interview where I discuss:
Approaching, direct game, anxiety and a whole range of other frequently asked questions about dating for both men and women.

WE also talk about what being ‘confident’ means as well as the blueprint for a good first impression with some examples of approaching styles and how to be ‘congruent’ using different pickup styles.
The discussion of how this works in cultures and contexts where picking up people is just not the norm.
Here’s some new perspectives on some of my own and the basic seduction community techniques. We cover the evils of wrote learning lines and the importance for having dynamic social processes for seducing women (and men) fast.
I know I’ve been saying I will give you some standard ‘litmus tests’ for being able to judge situations, tough points in conversation and delivery fine tuning. So, I know I said “you will get them in the course” so here I’m giving you just one….but it is the most important one.

My gift to you, enjoy. Here’s the link again, sign up to the mailing list to get part of this pod-tutorial / interview / good learning thingy….

  • Here’s the direct download mirror again:
  • Download the 25min segment HERE (Direct Link)
  • The Love Bytes guys are considerably more conservative than myself (but then again, most people are) however I
  • think we hit some common ground.
  • They had some great perspectives and this will definitely help your game. Stay tuned for Pt 2.
    (Fast) Love
    PS: Back in Sydney and have new openings for workshops worldwide again.
    PPS: My method is going to the print house! Email Amy at [email protected] to secretly  pre-order and get it 6 months before it hits the shelves!
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