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“What a great site and comments. Thanks, T, for sharing so much free info. I’m 40 now, and fairly settled down, but, wow, I wish I’d had this info when I was younger!
You’re doing a great service and the amount of yourself you share in your comments makes me think you are a genuine person and not just out to “make a buck.”

I’d like to hear more about your “life story”, is there an About Me page on this site?

Hey Scott,

Thanks so much for your comments, I’m happy that my goal of having my works resonate with men (and women too) of all ages is a reality as most people write this off as content only for younger people.
My ‘How it Works’ page doubles as my ‘About Me’ page though in reality there is nothing that I’d be too interested in

putting in there as my past is really not too interesting (the present, on the other hand…that’s a different story).
I was born in Sydney, Australia and always wanted to be a psychologist however sitting around going in circles and waiting for people to have their own realisations would have been a bit too frustrating for me (and emotionally tough too). I chose not to pursue it as I have a wide range of psychs in my family and in reality, what people discuss and realise about themselves rarely gets translated into reality as they leave the consultation room and often still just do what they always did. For that reason I decided to strive for a more hands on approach that also would allow me to be a bit dictatorial as to what works because in reality, many of us don’t know what is good or what works (me included at times).

I wanted to take people into the realm of practical psychology combined with my own research and experiences teaching and observing what works consistently.

I began my business as a hobby whilst I was in business and law school because I was self-conscious about my age and what people will think e.g. “How can a guy with your limited life experience tell US what to do?” to which my response was always “Well, watch this…” and I’d just go and pick up a girl / woman and then come back and say “Now you try, I want to see you do better and explain to my why I’m so ignorant”. After that I realised that most of my older client’s 40+ such as yourself, often have become more closed to certain types of people, interactions and contexts. They became more rigid as life gradually chipped away at them and shaped them into the person they are until they’re so stuck in their ways that they’ve dug themselves so deep that they then need professional advice.

So, they ask their friends….and that doesn’t work for them. Advice is often too subjective and vague: “Just be funny” , “Be yourself” and “Just try to show confidence” all are just too non-specific and impossible to implement.
So, they then ask a psychologist…and that doesn’t work as it can often take YEARS before they have any type of lasting realisation that they ACTUALLY IMPLEMENT once they leave the consultation room. Psychologists are never keen to force their views or their will into patient, they consider it unethical and dangerous as often people they come across are fragile and also, from a personal level, they also realise they too may not know best.
So, they come to their final straw. They’ve tried everything and then the only option is some crazy thing called a ‘dating coach’, some guy who just reckons he’s good with women and has no credentials other than his own ego. They pay and often it works but if it doesn’t work with one of these guys they generally give up persisting and just accept they’re a substandard and inferior person.

All very sad.

I was one of these guys and I hate to boo hoo about my past because most of it happened during my late teens and the beginning of nightclub outings as house parties and small gatherings started to come to a close. It was traumatising walking into a club and feeling like a massive loser because I didn’t know how to start a conversation, I felt (and probably looked very nervous and unsure of myself) and I had no idea what to say or how to impress people. I consistently felt needy and eventually I just wanted a girlfriend so badly (not many women) just to avoid the trials and tribulations of the dating world and its harsh realities. I can only describe it as a feeling deep in my chest and stomach which was like a really bad ‘want’ feeling. In this instance I wanted women to at least talk to me (even if they wern’t attracted) so at least it could confirm to me even a little that I wasn’t as inferior and useless as my mind kept telling me I was. All it took was the thought of talking to new people, going to a club or even making eye contact with ANYONE of any age (especially women though) to remind me of what a social failure I am and how inadequate I must be in the looks department.

Luckily….things changed After years of observing, hypothesising and testing I realised that all the major ladies men I hung with (because by that time I was already active in studying psychology and pick up artistry) had 4 things in common and these became my 4 pillars of seduction (counter intuitiveness, playfulness, push/pull and indifference). The only issue was that there were a 1000 techniques out there (some of which had parts of these things) but they rarely seemed to work consistently and especially for guys who’s delivery is not so good. People seemed to be able to smell I wasn’t sincere and that was even more embaressing. So I pushed forth and kept and formulated more and more techniques but found it impossible to remember and to implement all of them in a social situation when I was nervous and riddled with self-doubt.

Later I realised these were simply examples to make the semi-vague 4 pillars more real-world and understandable by the masses. I started teaching this to guys and posting a few things on forums here and there and basically the results spoke for themselves. My students went on to become some of the worlds better known playboys, gurus and successful businessmen (yes, I used to teach this stuff for business). Next thing I know people are flying in from all over to get me to train them and I had NO idea how they found out about me or believed that I was legitimate at all because what I do, to the ear, sounds quite odd and fantastic…a ‘dating coach’, what the fuck is that? Even I don’t know…

All I know is this:

My life is about reducing my observations, research and experiences (both personal and via my students) into simple and speedy processes that even a 14 year old can implement. I began to become seriously selective about what I kept and what I learnt as too much information (even if it’s all good) can often lead people into a type of information overload and when they’re under pressure they end up remembering only 2-4 things. So, I thought I had better dedicate my life to striving to find the simply and easy solutions and the more simple they are, the quicker you can repeat them and therefore the faster you will get results.

I left my day job as a lawyer and decided to follow my passion and fly around the world teaching my 4 pillars of seduction and sharing my findings and successes/failures with as many people as I possibly can. Some people say you can’t buy confidence but I am now convinced that in fact that’s just not true. People always degrade my job and think it’s a pipe dream or a creation of good marketing but 5 years ago I realised something important. Most of the people who said this were salesman or corporate types all of which have been through some form of interpersonal skill training be it for sales, racial / gender tolerance, negotiating and a million other things and the principles in those things often are very similiar to the principles of seduction, so it really continues to baffle me how they can give credit to those things and not to what I do (particularly because most corporate trainers also do not have degress in psychology…which means little to me personally anyhow as, in my experience, it is rare for me to come across psychs who are even half-normal and / or practice what they preach).

So…that’s my life story. Thanks for asking!
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What ebay link?
Yep that shouldn’t be a problem. Just email Amy at [email protected]
Thanks mate but I’m not a writer and despite my costs I don’t do this for money. I left a very well paying career as a lawyer to be a full time dating coach / self help guru / helpful bloke (whatever you want to call it). Cheers for the suggestion and compliment though but I get paid already writing this stuff because people want to learn the specifics of how to do this stuff perfectly in all situations and join my online course.

I also have had bad experiences with posting on sites other than my own because some of my competitors may own the sites and they edit my stuff to make me look like a fake. So right now I like to keep it where I can moderate it myself and make sure it reaches you, the reader, as I intend it to without being ‘edited’.
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No I don’t think this is possible. I believe you are born gay and ‘converting a lesbian’ is like me saying a charming guy can convert you to being gay….which I’m sure you’d disagree with because you’re simply not gay. If they’re bi to begin with that’s still a different issue – having said that, many of my lesbian or gay friends have had heterosexual sex before they ‘came out of the closet’ but they hated it and usually forced themselves because of social convention.

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  8. Definitely call.
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Texting is seen as the pussy’s way out – and facebook is seen as the stalker-pussy’s way out. Guys who are nervous would rather hide behind a phone because it gives them a chance to think. They lack on-the-spot confidence because they aren’t naturally good ladies men or they haven’t been trained to be exceptionally effective with women. So, when you text instead of call two pitfalls can happen:

1) You appear and act in accordance with those other guys she has experienced who texted and generally turned out to lack confidence and kill her attraction – acting like them will have her associate YOU with them. So being counter intuitive and avoid that.

2) There’s a certain familiarity and rapport that re-arises on a call that can often fall by the wayside in text. Your chances of mainataining all that good rapport and attraction you created when you first met is significantly higher via telephone call because it is more REAL.
The ‘more real’ problem is also an issue as you can risk OVER escalating with text as most successful ladies men can use the fact that they’re ‘hiding behind a phone’ to escalate a lot quicker than they could face to face because, put simply…it’s safer for her and has less risk of a loss of face.
Here’s some pointers from my online course:


1) Be doing something mundane and get her to ‘entertain you’ whilst you are buying groceries, walking home, waiting for the bus or flossing your cat. Most girls know guys think about the call and wait and pine over calling them. You though, should not fake this, honestly be doing these things for real – it will give you an air of indifference that most guys TRY to have but let their nerves get to them.

2) Have a high energy – be excited to be talking to her – you want to end on a high – your energy level is contagious – if you’re tired and awkward she will be too. Most guys break rapport by not being the same fun going happy club guy or street guy they met and they get a monotone nervous wreck on the other end of the line.

As for texting:

Tease them about a topic of conversation you spoke about – the tease will provoke a response and the topic of conversation you remember will reinstate your previous rapport.

If you call and she doesn’t answer, then you can text.
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