How to Get my Girlfriend Back When The Break-up is Still Fresh?

How to Get my Girlfriend Back When The Break-up is Still Fresh?
by amit(jodhpur)

Get back girlfriend, change your attitude

This thread is about how to get back a girlfriend earlier, when the break up is still fresh… getting back together is easy if you push the right buttons, the right attitude coupled with an understanding of women behavior would likely get her back for you.hi, i would move straight to the question i need a answer about. there is a girl to whom i madly love and i can do anything to get her. earlier we were very close to each other. we have been little bit close to each other physically, but slowly things started changing.

Earlier when I proposed to her she was like “i need little bit time, i like you, no doubt in that, but i just need some time to think.” but now she just keeps n giving me excuses like “if i commit you and we don’t get married then i’ll(gal) be very much hurt and i don’t want that to happen so can we be just friends

Earlier i refused to be with her as we have been little bit physical and it was impossible for me to be her “just friend”. and to be very frank when she said that i cried in front of her, it was embarrassing but i don’t know why but i couldn’t control myself.

Then she said don’t cry and then we started talking regularly but there is a wall between us of just friends. i don’t know what made everything change, i never even got to know that the girl who use to love me don’t want to get committed with me. (i have been to many relationships, but every time things were just opposite to what they are this time.

Then we once in a week fight with each other.

sometime its because of me and sometimes it’s because of her. i started getting irritated from everything goin on.So i once said her that i don’t want to be with you any more i want to take a stand it’s enough, you cant commit me and i can’t live with that because it irritates me a lot, and said that i won’t be talking to her from tomorrow onwards, she started crying n crying she literally begged me not to leave her like that, but i took a stand, and from the next day when i woke up i saw 7 msgs asking “good morning baby, mwah”(this is her everyday message after she wakes up) “hey wass up””what you doing” etc.

I didn’t replied to any of them, but till after noon she was again and again texting me to talk to her but i just replied i cant talk. and then the day passed she kept on messaging me the whole day in every half and hour.At night

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