How To Get Back My Wife – She Seem To Be Pulling Away.

I married the most amazing beautiful french woman about 9 months ago but because she was so beautiful i was insecure jelous and when a few times i got intoxicated i over reacted and called her names Never physical i would not hit a woman!!I also lied about big things at the start of the relationship to impress he because i never thought it would be a long term relationship.

Since the last argument she was gone to France. now she said to me before she left that i can come in 4 weeks to France and she will give me one more chance.Its been 3 weeks and everyday she is becoming colder not calling me etc. and never saying i love you or miss you.

It makes me crumble even though i want to be strong because she is 5000 km away I’m scared may never see her again.

I feel she is making excuses to get rid of me e.g i have to talk to my parents before you come about how u lied to me and what you have been doing ( in my eyes what i have done isn’t that bad)but i feel as though she wants to defiantly leave me i’m supposed to go to France on Thursday next week and she is saying all negative things. What do? i do i don’t want to live without her.

I’m thinking I should go to France and start a life and just make it on my own as a man but i have already showed that i am weak with out her. Help me coach what do I do over the next couple of days when i talk to her on the phone and how can i turn this around?

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