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How An Average Guy Interacts With Women

How You Should Interact With Women:11 Steps Of Compliance

Fast Compliance Building Technique

Science Behind Compliance

How An Average Guy Interacts With Women

You can convince anyone to do anything if you use small steps that get them used to complying with you. The more tests you establish for them to pass the more they will train themselves into agreeing with you. Let’s say you meet a woman you are interested in. A common process most men take is:

• Getting her to talk to you • Acquiring her phone number • Kissing her • Having sex with her
Currently she has only agreed to three things (conversation, number and the kiss) before you two have sex. The whole aim is to make the gap between meeting her and having sex look small. Feed her interesting bitesize pieces of compliance before you ask for the bigger close. This is a common technique most salesmen use.

How You Should Interact With Women:11 Steps Of Compliance

A salesman however, would apply his business knowledge to seduction and gain additional steps of compliance so that, before she knows it, she is lying next to him after sex saying “I don’t know how this happened, a minute ago we were in the supermarket shopping for organic tofu”. His process may be:

  • Getting her to talk with him
  • • Touching her • Getting her number
  • • Agreeing to a date
  • • Speaking with her on the phone prior to the date
  • • Meeting her for the date
  • • Kissing her
  • • Going back to his house
  • • Having a drink
  • • Foreplay
  • • Sex
    She has now agreed to 10 things prior to sex. She is now in the mode of complying with his advances. This is the same psychology behind a retail assistant selling you an outfit rather than just a T-shirt. Once you agree to purchase one item THEN they will persuade you to purchase additional items like a belt and shoes on the pretense that “they compliment your already purchased T-shirt, to give the T-shirt justice you need to have a matching belt and pants”. To give you justice your date will not only agree to going on a date with you she will also try a kiss and perhaps a game of hide the sausage.

Fast Compliance Building Technique Letting the woman see you in a variety of different situations and contexts within a short period of time will convince them that they know you better and build rapport at an exponentially increasing rate. Moving them from the club you meet them in, to a café next door, to another club down the road, to an ice-cream parlor and then to a park all within the space of 3 hours or so will make them feel like they know you considerably better than if you stayed in the same club the whole night and .

This is referred to as “Time Bridging” and will take considerable leading on your behalf. It is advised that you isolate them away from their group first and then lead them to different parts of the club you are in before you isolate to places outside. The aim to getting compliance in any context is to start with small steps, which will give you a foot in the door for the more important requests.

Science Behind Compliance

As mentioned previously, a test done in the USA testing people’s compliance began by getting 100 people to sign a petition stating that they were environmentalists. When researchers went back to the 100 people and asked whether they could put a sign in their front yard with an environmental message 70% complied with the request. When researchers asked an additional 100 person sample the same request without asking them to sign a petition, only 30% complied.

The same psychological principles apply to seduction and compliance. Start off small when changing venue and gradually increase the magnitudes of your requests. Every different context they see you in, regardless of how much time you spend in that new environment, will have the same effect as spending a whole date in each new environment. Therefore taking a woman to a bar, a café, the beach and a restaurant will create the same amount of rapport as spending a date at each scenario, this way you are more efficient in your seductions and can speed them up exponentially.

TIP : Finding out her goals / visions / wants and discussing ways to make them happen will help you make your woman feel that you care about her development and hope to make her better person. Do not get too cheesy about it and never promise to do anything you will not be able to fulfill.

TIP : Nicknames, customized handshakes and private jokes are all things that old friends do with each other. If you do this early on, the woman you are interested in will associate these gambits with how their friends make them feel and automatically group you in the same category.

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