2 hours and 3-5 approaches, that’s all. Have

About Us
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This blog is written by T, the founder of Seduce In Seconds, and is a place where simplicity and speed with women is turned into practical strategies for you to become more attractive.

T’s real name is Jonathan S. He left working as a freelance instructor for some of the larger dating coaches in the US, UK and Australasia. Founded Seduce In Seconds in 2005 to pursue simplicity, speed and laziness in formulating ways to pick up girls.

Born in Australia, T is a trained lawyer and later completed a business degree to consult businesses on strategy and change. He was pick up artist by night and has worked for over 5 seduction companies including his own teaching his 4 core principles and how to apply them to any situation without thinking too hard.

He believes that simple problems cannot have complicated solutions and that everything to be taught must be tested and filmed vigorously. Currently Seduce In Seconds has done over 19,000 approaches testing these methods. They have been tested with over 10,000 guys and has been filmed in over 20 countries with a wide variety of women.

Since 2005 he believes his 4 core principles cannot be used in steps or as methods. They are simply 4 things to use in addition to your personality when you feel you need them. He has over 400 techniques inside his online course but insists they are only shortcuts / examples in how to illustrate how these 4 principles work.

His principles are not a secret (counter intuitiveness, push/pull, indifference and playfulness) and are common in most successful seduction techniques. T believes that these four things are the foundations of all successful social interactions with women, male companions or in the corporate world.

Since Seduce In Second’s formed it has grown to offer online dating courses, in-person boot camps and over 20 instructors world-wide who consistently test and film their speed seduction developments. These have attained over 6 million views in the past 2 years (2m of which on YouTube alone

T on what makes a professional lady’s man

“If you’re not closing women in under 15 minutes you’re not a pick up artist. A real ‘artist’ in any other profession achieves the complicated simply and has fun doing it quickly and effortlessly.
I see guys so often who think they’re amazing pick up artists who are not even close to wiping the floor with a natural alpha male and that’s unacceptable.”

T on speed and simplicity with women:

” Speed is important. If you can do something fast that can get results over and over in just minutes then WHY worry about fixing your inner game, getting all spiritual or simply trying not be affected by external validation?
Why not become confident the easy way via understanding the human condition and how you are. If your Mum dies, if you loose your job or if your new girlfriend rejects you it is normal you feel sad.
You’re human. It’s easier to use that to your advantage than trying to change our humanity. Want to confident? Simply understand you will feel good when you get a kiss in under 12 minutes, a 1 minute number close or an instant date.

True confidence comes from knowing you’re good with women in REALITY, not just at a computer or in your own mind. The only way to achieve this is by actually getting results in front of your own eyes and the only way you can do that is by understanding this and approaching.”

T on men’s biggest issue learning how to pick up women:
“Techniques are not the answers, they are just training wheels or shortcuts you can use occasionally. The only way to be the ‘natural’ pick up artist is by being able to strategically handle any woman in any situation by barely thinking.
Techniques aren’t conducive to this even though they can make your life easy in the short term. Inner game isn’t conducive to this either because most inner game packages turn you away from external validation instead of using it to your advantage.