How To Present Yourself On A Date

Do you go on plenty of dates that seem like they will be promising, yet they don’t lead to much? If this sounds like a familiar situation, you may want to ask yourself whether you are following some outdated ideas. Sometimes, the way that things are done changes but the myths of how to do things will persist. Below, we compare some common myths with the realities.

Myth: People who talk about themselves on a date will come across as arrogant and narcissistic.

Reality: It is far better to strike a balance between talking about yourself and expressing interest in your date, than to avoid all talk about yourself and your interests. You don’t want to seem like you are hiding something, and you don’t want to seem like you are afraid to disclose about yourself. Besides, if you don’t say anything about yourself while on a date, how is the other person supposed to get to know you?

Don’t worry about seeming like you are focused on yourself. You can prevent issues with this if you ask your date questions about themselves as well. This also signals to them that you are interested in getting to know them better.

Myth: The best relationships always start out with friendships.

Reality: Not true! It seems like it should be easier to develop a relationship with someone you already know well, but in reality it becomes harder to do so. The familiarity and sense of being comfortable with the person works against excitement and anticipation needed for romantic feelings to develop.

Myth: When you go out for dinner, be sure to order the salad.

This shows your date you take good care of yourself.

Reality: If you normally would order salad, great! But, if you truly are not the salad type, order what you would normally order. You want the other person to see a bit of the real you, not an idealized version.

Also, ordering the salad when this is not your taste can suggest to the other person that you are trying too hard or are being fake. They may wonder if you are trying to seem like something that you are not. They may also wonder if you are overly cautious or restrained with your food choices, does this mean that you are also overly cautious or restrained in other areas of your life.

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