What to Say to Cold Women

2 hours and 3-5 approaches, that’s all. Have you tried it before you make this comment?
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Depends, what’s your issue?

That’s one thing I’m not good at…stopping women really falling for you and ending up having to let people down easy. I usually like to just be blunt upfront as to ‘not wanting a relationship’ and of course they always agree as they don’t want to ’scare you off’ but in reality people can’t help falling in love and you always need to be conscious of not hurting people or taking an unfair advantage of them with these skills.

I think of it like a car. You can drive it to get from A to Z very quickly and efficiently. You can practice and use it to do amazing things and become an F1 driver and incorporate a sense of artistry into it…or you can use it as a lethal weapon to seriously hurt people. In other words, you don’t want to have car accidents because as tough as you feel your vehicle makes you, you will often be suprised as to how devestating it can be to see how you’ve affected people in a negative fashion.
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No I don’t think this is possible. I believe you are born gay and ‘converting a lesbian’ is like me saying a charming guy can convert you to being gay….which I’m sure you’d disagree with because you’re simply not gay. If they’re bi to begin with that’s still a different issue – having said that, many of my lesbian or gay friends have had heterosexual sex before they ‘came out of the closet’ but they hated it and usually forced themselves because of social convention.

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  7. Hahaha – are you serious? Being gay is being gay – nothing in the world can change that if that’s how you naturally are. powered by SEO Super Comments
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