How to Move On When You Have a Broken Heart

It can be extremely difficult to get your life back together after a break up which has left your poor little heart in shambles. Many people in this situation cannot stop thinking about how to get their ex back, but you’re better off abiding by the no contact rule while you wait for your heart to mend.

Movies and popular songs have trivialized a broken heart, but the fact of the matter is that a broken heart can be more painful and feel more life threatening than open heart surgery.

No, a broken heart may not be able to kill you, but the symptoms can certainly make you feel like you want to curl up and die.

When suffering from a broken heart, it is not uncommon to experience drastic urges such as the craving to call your ex every waking minute of the day or to binge eat to take your mind off of the sadness you feel. These feelings are perfectly normal and something that just about every serious relationship goes through at its end, and will begin to subside as time goes on.

You want to avoid behaving recklessly and doing things that you would not do were your heart not broken.

Men will often do things such as try to figure out how to make an ex girlfriend jealous, while women will commonly hook up with a stranger or a friend who they would not under normal circumstances. You want to avoid this impulsive behavior and not do anything in your vulnerable state that you will regret later.

Try and remember things that you used to do that made you happy on your own. You don’t have to completely forget about your ex and shut them out of your life altogether; that would just be unrealistic. You can’t automatically forget, but you can shift your focus.

The most important part of all this is not to get discouraged. A break up is one of the most common ordeals in life and they can really slow you down, but they are also one of the most commonly remedied situations. Not very many people die from a broken heart, although at times it can make you feel close to death. Just stay positive, and remember that this too shall pass!

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